Anniversary 2017

The 1st Anniversary Symposium and Collaboration Meeting of the Cosmic-Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory (CREDO)  collaboration will be held at the Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN, Krakow, Poland on 30th and 31st August, 2017. The conference is dedicated to ensembles of cosmic rays: yet unseen messengers of the Universe.
What is an ensemble of cosmic rays? Consider the state-of-the-art cosmic-ray or gamma ray research focused on the detection and study of single events; but extend this model to encompass potential correlations between arrival times at spatially separated detectors. These correlated events form an ensemble: the as yet unseen phenomenon the CREDO Collaboration focused on. Such a phenomenon might only be detectable by a global network of cosmic-ray detectors and its fingerprint could enable event-by-event identification which would provide an insight to the physics at the highest energies known.
As the individual components of an ensemble of cosmic rays may span the whole known cosmic-ray energy spectrum an efficient detection strategy relies upon a global effort from the astroparticle physics community. That is why we invite everybody: you are welcome to contribute or simply observe the channel being opened right now by CREDO. The CREDO Anniversary Symposium is an opportunity to learn about the science case, status and vision of this global cosmic-ray mission, you are then very welcome to stay with us for the second day, the Collaboration Meeting, where we will discuss our initial results and the steps yet to be taken on the road map towards our goals.
The 1st Anniversary Symposium (30th August) is open to everybody, while the Collaboration Meeting (31st August) is dedicated to those who already contribute or are considering directly contributing to CREDO. To attend the Collaboration Meeting you are invited to join the CREDO Collaboration by subscribing to the general mailing list (link available through the organizers) by 31th August 2017.
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