Information about completing first stage!

Dear CREDO Friends and CREDO Detector Users,

The first trial phase of CREDO Detector beta tests has been finished, and we are extremely happy to tell everyone that it has been a great success – big, big thanks to all the participants!

More than 600 users (friends), nearly half a million trial images, discussions on forum, many offers of volunteer help to further develop the project – this is more than we expected. Now the data base has been frozen, very soon we will enable a static interface to it, and continue analysis and discussions – hoping for your continuous participation. This will bring us to the first upgrade of the app, then we again enable the live data acquisition. We realize that many of you (us!), including myself, has got addicted to a daily load of beautiful images of particle tracks, but to fulfill the rules of scientific excellence we must be patient now, carefully analyse what we have collected and draw the conclusions about the optimum development. The temporary freeze-out is then just a necessary step towards our ambitious goals.

Since the help we are receiving from the app users has a scientific value, everyone who has installed the app has the full right to become the member of the CREDO Collaboration. You are more than welcome to take the opportunity and join us! To do so please send a message to us (you can pick up the e-mail address e.g. at the Google Play site of the CREDO Detector app) with the subject “CREDO membership please”, using the same e-mail address as during the registration of the app. Then you will be sent all the information needed to join.

We are looking forward to the welcoming many of you on board and to an even more exciting collaboration a very near future.

Best regards

Piotr Homola

the CREDO leader