CREDO Detector Mobile App – Information and Download

French version – click here
Portuguese version – click here (page with information about project, CREDO Detector tutorial)

Step 1. FREE Download CREDO Detector mobile app on Google Play (required Android v. >= 4.0)

Step 2. Spend 2 minutes on watching the CREDO Detector Video Tutorial and see how to use the app and how to cover your cam 🙂

Step 2a. You can also read the manuals (PL | EN)

Step 2b. If you don’t have one or the app on your device doesn’t work as well, you can still use our browser version of the app.

Step 3. Visit and see your particle tracks / enjoy rankings / claim “particle of the month”

Step 4. Analyze & make discoveries (under construction – you are welcome to help!)

Private Particle Detective: help machines to classify your private particle track

Dark Universe Welcome: try to identify a scientific sensation: a global pattern induced by a Cosmic-Ray Ensemble!

Step 5. Visit Forum PL and share experience / discuss / learn

Step 6. Join and follow the first CREDO online experiment: Quantum Gravity Previewer (for CREDO members only, minimum requirement to become a member: like the official CREDO FB profile , then request membership by e-mail/FB:)

if you have a question, check if you do not answer it in the FAQ, if you do not find an answer there, write us an email