CREDO Detector Mobile App – Information and Download

French version – click here
Portuguese version – click here (page with information about project, CREDO Detector tutorial)

Step 1. FREE Download CREDO Detector mobile app on Google Play (required Android v. >= 4.0)

Step 2. Spend 2 minutes on watching the CREDO Detector Video Tutorial and see how to use the app and how to cover your cam 🙂

Step 2a. You can also read the manuals and help to improve/translate them (PL | EN)

Step 3. Visit and see your particle tracks / enjoy rankings / claim “particle of the month”








Step 4. Analyze & make discoveries (under construction – you are welcome to help!)

Private Particle Detective: help machines to classify your private particle track

Dark Universe Welcome: try to identify a scientific sensation: a global pattern induced by a Cosmic-Ray Ensemble!

Step 5. Visit Forum PL/EN and share experience / discuss / learn

Step 6. Join and follow the first CREDO online experiment: Quantum Gravity Previewer (for CREDO members only, minimum requirement to become a member: like the official CREDO FB profile , then request membership by e-mail/FB:)

if you have a question, check if you do not answer it in the FAQ, if you do not find an answer there, write us an email