CREDO invited by ASTERICS to Trieste for their DECS meeting [22-24.01.2018]

Result – two fresh ideas of which you will hear more soon:

1) Private Particle Detective (new citizen science workflow to handle particle tracks caught by smartphones and other cameras – complementary to Dark Universe Welcome – you are invited to join the development team)
2) Astronomical CCD Dark Frames for CREDO (Astronomical CCDs record tracks cosmic particles, the data are available and software to extract cosmic ray images exists! Idea by Massimo Ramella, INAF. Volunteers to work on this welcome!).


a) CREDO at seaside in Trieste

b) Niraj Dhital talking on CREDO at ASTERCIS DECS meeting

c) visit in the Trieste INAF Observatory

d) an example of a cosmic track on a CCD dark frame