The trial version of the application

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The trial version of the application

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We ask our users to test the test version of the application, in which we mainly focused on solving the problem with Android 9.0 (problem with turning off the camera in the absence of activity for 2 minutes)

Description of change:
On the window with the detection status after clicking "START", will appear a button with an orange ifnormation
turn off the screen . After clicking on it, the whole screen will be blackened and the phone will not go into sleep mode (the same function used by movie players). After touching the screen to any place or after clicking on BACK, the application will return to the window with the detection status. On the AMOLED screen phones, the screen should be completely black and therefore do not wear out.

Description of the test run
1) downloading the application from
1a) you may find that you will need to uninstall the current application and reinstall it from the link
2) enabling the application and checking after a few hours whether the solution works.
3) Send a return message (here on the forum or mail with a message of the type:
"the application works", "the application still turns off" - in the second case give the phone model

For all messages informing us about the status of the application, thank you in advance!
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