detailed questions about trigger and the data

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detailed questions about trigger and the data

Post by Wibig » Tue Jan 08, 2019 8:11 pm

There are three trigger parameters in the CREDO application. One of them is clear: MAX. The blackness level seems to be clear also, but it is not known is it is used ONLY for the determination of the "quality of the frame", or to some background level too. I could not find the exact description of the "AVERAGE" parameter. Probably I missed something. Could someone tell me how it is used?
Another question: It the time of the event exactly the time registered by the phone, or is it the time of sending/receiving the event?
Another question: There is an address where the data are to be sent. What will happen when I change it?
And another one: Is it possible to get the raw data from the CREDO server?
And the last one (for now): Can I get the data directly from the phone? Are they written somewhere in its memory?
w aplikacji Istnieją trzy parametry wyzwalania. Jedna z nich jest jasny: MAX. Poziom BLACK wydaje się również zrozumiały, ale nie wiem napewno, czy jest używany TYLKO do określania "jakości ramki", czy też może i do szacowania poziomu tła. Nie mogłem znaleźć za to dokładnego opisu parametru "AVERAGE". Prawdopodobnie coś przeoczyłem. Czy ktoś może mi powiedzieć, w jaki sposób jest on używany?
Kolejne pytanie: czy czas zdarzenia jest to dokładnie godzina zarejestrowana zdarzenia przez telefon, czy jest to czas wysyłania/odbierania transmisji?
Kolejne pytanie: w ustawieniach istnieje adres, pod który mają zostać wysłane dane. A co się stanie, gdy adres ten zmienię?
I jeszcze jedno: czy można uzyskać jakoś "surowe" dane z serwera CREDO?
I ostatnia pytanie (na razie): Czy można pobrać dane bezpośrednio z telefonu? Czy są zapisane gdzieś w pamięci?

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Re: detailed questions about trigger and the data

Post by slawekstu » Mon Jan 14, 2019 3:52 pm

Wibig - Odpowiedź umieszczam też tutaj w celach informacyjnych

Average Factor is responsible for the average brightness value of the image.
I'm not a specialist in photo analysis, but every pixel has its own information, one of them is its brightness.
For the image to be accepted it must have an average brightness of the image below this value.

Black Factor helps determine if the camera is obscured: (let me quote the text from the FAQ):
If the average brightness is below the Average Factor and the number of promile pixels below the threshold Black is higher than Black Count then the frame (camera matrix) is considered to be properly masked and goes to search for hits (detection).

There is an address where the data is to be sent. What will happen when I change it?
I think that after changing the address, the data may not reach our server, but
I will contact the appropriate people and find out how it works.
Is it possible to get the raw data from the CREDO server?
Yes, you can, but you can download them as * .json data.
We have single detections in the file described as follows:
{"user_id": 327, "latitude": 49.94, "timestamp": 1522704166478, "altitude": 352.0, "visible": false, "longitude": 19.99, "height": 320, "frame_content": "very long name of encrypted characters "," width ": 880," team_id ": 333," source ":" legacy "," provider ":" gps "," y ": null," x ": null," device_id ": 213 , "id": 38464, "time_received": 1526396913432, "accuracy": 15.17}},

If we want to access these files, we need to write an email to with justification why we want to get data, eg: data analysis, willingness to use for publication or some other scientific work, etc. If we justify the request, the email is sent to administrators managing data from the application and they will grant access allowing us to download data packages using python3 and the requests library.
All data is already over 15GB.
Is it possible to download data directly from the phone? Are they stored somewhere in the memory?
We do not save data from the application on the phone, so as not to overload the phone's memory.
But you can see the detections from the last 10 days in the application, or on the page with all your detection by typing:

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