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Questions and answers regarding topic: “registration in the application”

I have downloaded the app. I do not know what my user name is. How do I register my e-mail. What team should I choose?

Registration is done from within the application:
we provide login(username), email and password, and a visible name.
After registration, we confirm the registrations by clicking on the message that we will get to the email you provided.
We log in with login or e-mail, and enter our password – It is important to have access to wifi.
The team is an optimal option and does not need to be completed.
We register a team when we plan to earn points together with other users, e.g. from the same city or from school.

Example of registration with explanation
“login” is your account name that you create when you register – now.
Login = username.

Suppose I’m a new user and I do not have an account.
I would like to have an account called Sławek, but I want others to see me as a “discoverer”;
So I complement the data as follows:
Login: Sławek
E-Mail – my email (
Password *****
Confirm Password *****
Display name “explorer”
At the moment I do not want to be in any team, so leave the field empty.

I have downloaded the CREDO detector app to my phone and have gone through the registration process to the point where I’m informed that I will receive an email to complete the process however, I haven’t received an email and can’t login. Help

Check if you do not have in the "SPAM" or "Notifications" tab. If the email does not reach an hour, it means that your mail servers block automatic notifications from the application. The simplest solution is to try the new registration with giving another domain email.
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