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Operating systems and application

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 1:55 pm
by slawekstu
Questions and answers regarding topic: “Operating systems and application”

What system is the application dedicated to?
First of all for the Android system from version 4.0 onwards

Is it possible use the detectors in laptops? I have PC and Mac laptops.
Yes, it is possible,
We have versions for Windows
and on Linux and Rasberyy-Pi

These versions are under construction, but already working within the CREDO system, visible at”.

Are there plans to release a version of the app for IPhone?
At the moment we are not working on a versatile application for the iPhone, but we are open to user suggestions.
In order for our application to work on the iPhone, we need the help from programmers who are specialists, specialists who know how to create an application dedicated to Iphone.