Detections and filters

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Detections and filters

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On the phone, I have about 900 detected particles and their photos, and on the website a little over 50. Why is this, is there any error in communication between the application and the website?

The application on the phone shows all the detections that it catches, while the page shows only those that will pass through the filter placed on the server. The application page shows users that what they detect is visible to others. Even if they detect bad / invalid detection, some of them will be found there.
Then, the detections that scientists use for analysis are passed through subsequent filters, thanks to which their work results are based only on these good detections.

I’ve downloaded the app and started detection. However a couple of times I’ve picked up my phone and before I’ve switched detection off it thinks it’s detected a ray. Except that it isn’t, it’s the light caught on the camera after I’ve picked up my phone and before I’ve switched off detection. How can I delete these false readings?

Those you have already detected can not be removed from the application.
They will be visible on the page. But do not worry, the filters that scientists use to analyze are purging erroneous detection.

To prevent this in the future, you can activate autocalibration (in settings), or increase the threshold for catching particles* by changing the values yourself:
“max factor”, “average factor” “black factor”.

They are individual for each user, there are no universal values

*Increase the threshold = decrease the numerical value, reduce detection detection, increase the probability of detecting good detection

Where can I see the results of scientific filters?
You can see them on our website in the Experiments tab

When my detections is hidden on the website
As of now, detection is hidden ("visible" attribute is set to false) if at least one of these conditions is true:

it was submitted using old version of the API
there is no image data associated with the detection
average pixel brightness is above 15%
original sensor coordinates of the brightest pixel for user submitting it are repeated ("hot pixels")
timestamp of the detection is from before the user sent their first ping
These parameters and conditions were designed to provide better browsing experience for ordinary people wanting to look at pretty pictures.
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