Problem with the application

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Problem with the application

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1. I used the application on Android 8 and everything worked without a problem. After upgrading to Android 9 and starting detection, the time stops after about 1-2.5 minutes. Why?

The problem with switching off the application results from the new approach of Android developers to applications using the camera and operating in the background (or with the screen turned off). In order to increase security on Android 9 systems, all such applications are disabled from the machine, without checking what exactly an application works.

More about this can be read in the following links: ... hanges-all ... ps-camera/ ... ng-camera/

At this moment, we do not have a good solution to this problem.
You can do so to leave the screen turned on like when watching a movie,
but there is a risk that this will affect the heating of the phone
and (with long screen on) the risk of OLED matrix burnout will increase.

If the movies can be watched for 2 hours, doing the detection should also be done in a safe way for the device.

If we find a solution to this problem, we will try to inform you about it.
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