Two weaknesses/bugs in the app

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Two weaknesses/bugs in the app

Post by ndhital » Thu Mar 01, 2018 4:59 pm

While looking into some data from, I see the following strange behaviors:

1. The same data is uploaded multiple times. All fields are same except for different ids for events. For example, in case of Piotr Homola's detection (user 106), there are double entries for the following timestamps:
1507407116421 (ids: 86896, 86895)
1507407117192 (86900, 86907)
1507407118014 (86901, 86902)
1507407120334 (86898, 86899)

2. Some smartphones are very frequently sending the images which look like hits, but in fact they should not be. For example have a look at hits recorded by user 33. (event ids 641692 - 641698) for example. But there are thousands of hits like that for the user. Most probable reason for this could be one or two hot pixels in the CMOS. We need to filter out such "false hits", may be run a simple scan of sensor at the beginning of data-taking or some sort of calibration.

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Two weaknesses/bugs in the app

Post by MichaelVek » Tue Jul 31, 2018 5:45 am

I saw it was some sort of google app, I just hope it was a legit one and not more spam.

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