How To Start

Ways to make a real, meaningful contribution to CREDO

1. Download the particle detect application and start the detection successfully

Download the CREDO Detector app to your Android or IOS smartphone. And if you don’t have one or the app on your device doesn’t work as well, you can still use our browser version of the app.

Instructions to the Android application can be found here (ENG, PL)
Instructions for web-detector (PL)

Before switching on the application, cover the camera

To do this, you can use a fridge magnet (as in the photo) and place it between the lens and the phone case.
You can also use a piece of thick dark tape to cover the lens – put a piece of cardboard between the tape and the lens (in order not to destroy, dirty the lens).

2. Join the game/competition and show that your team is the best

Gather your team and join the events that the CREDO project organizes for their users. You can join the “particle hunters” competition (an event (competition) organized every year during the school education from October to June) and the particle catching team game “Look deep into the universe organized together with the project “Physics – the key to understanding the world” (organized only in Poland) – you can find more information about this on the pages dedicated to these events.

3. Check how yours and others’ detections look.

Visit the website, find your detections e.g. by looking at your team’s results at[enter your team name here] (i.e. and share with others when you see something unusual.

4. Like us on the fan page of the CREDO project

Go to the fan page of the credo project ( and click the “like” button under the name of the page and description.

5. Share our fanpage with all your friends

Go to the fanpage of the credo project ( and click under the name of the page and the description on the “three dots” button and click on “share”. By sharing our fan page you can also add a few words of your own.