International Cosmic Day 2017

A unique opportunity for all the CREDO members, FB fans, CREDO Detector users, and others who are interested in joining the project emerges on Nov 30, 2017. We’ve got a full day to meet each other – virtually through Skype, Facebook and YouTube, or in person, for those located near Krakow.

As this year CREDO for the first time participates in the International Cosmic Day, we will have an opportunity not only to have inter-CREDO interactions, but also be in touch with other groups of cosmic enthusiasts across the world. You can check the International Cosmic Day site to see who and where is active on Nov 30.

The local ICD CREDO meeting will be driven from the CREDO Control Room called Garage of Possibilities. It is located at the Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN, ul. Radzikowskiego 152, room 2301, Kraków, Poland. We start at 10:00 and finish around 18:00 CET (9:00 – 17:00 UTC) and hope to broadcast live practically all the time: the view, sound and talks given at the Control Room or by our members connected remotely. You can catch the broadcast on the CREDO YouTube Channel.

You can chat to us via the CREDO Facebook account, (video) talk via Skype (search for “CREDO Collaboration”), or come in person if you happen to pass nearby the Control Room. Please note that the visit in person is possible exclusively for:

  • the CREDO members
  • the CREDO FB fans
  • the CREDO Detector App users

Should you plan the visit please send a message to credodetector[at] with the subject containing “ICD visit”, putting your exact name in the message body and indicating the time you intend to visit us (when you come and how long you stay). It will help us to organize things properly, including an info for the guard at the main entrance to the Institute – to let you in. When you enter the Institute you need to tell whom you are going to visit, then the guard is typically calling this person to make sure that the guest is expected. Complicated but secure 🙂 The visitors will have a chance to win some CREDO gadgets (office packet: writing pad, pen and magnet – all with the CREDO logo), there will be also special chances for our virtual guests!

All the visitors will also have the chance to get the International Cosmic Day Certificate of Participation, issued by the ICD organizers, accompanied by a booklet describing the cosmic activities during the ICD worldwide. To get the Certificate you just send us a message to credodetector[at] with the subject containing “ICD Certificate please”.

Tentative Agenda of the Day is the following:

November 30th, IFJ PAN, world

10:00 Welcome (Piotr Homola, 1 min)

11:00 Polowanie na miony z użyciem smartfonów (Dariusz Góra, 15 min.)

12:00 CREDO Detector App: video tutorial (Mateusz Mateja, 15 min.)

13:00 CREDO Monitor: how to connect with your data (Oleksandr Sushchov, 15 min.)

13:30 CosmicWatch (// for CREDO? (Małgorzata Harańczyk, 15 min. PL + EN)

14:00 Cosmic Ray Ensembles in the Cosmic-Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory (Niraj Dhital, 15 min.)

15:00 Search for electromagnetic Cosmic Ray Ensembles using gamma-ray telescopes (Kevin Almeida Cheminant, 15 min.)

10:00 – 18:00: chats, discussions, questions, CREDO Detector pics, standard detector demos, …

18:00 End of the Day

In case during the ICD you got addicted to the CREDO Detector particle pics or love us for any other reason and want to continue some cosmic activity together also afterwards, you will be happy to know that CREDO is ready to welcome you on board warmly. How to join CREDO?

  • by FB like [FBlike]
  • by demonstrating the ICD 2017 participant certificate [ICD2017certificate]
  • by installing & running CREDO Detector app [CREDODetector]
  • by registration and minimum 1 CREDO map classification at Dark Universe Welcome  [DUW]
  • by expressing an intention to connect with your data to the CREDO Monitor through our Connection Protocol [DATAconnect: project_name]
  • by being invited by a CREDO member [invited-by: member_email]

Choose your favorite way and begin you activity in CREDO, now or at your earliest convenience 🙂 You will get your full right membership details and instructions after asking at credodetector[at], with subject containing “CREDO membership please” and your membership title in the message body, being one of the strings in square brackets above. Should you choose one of the two last options please remember to replace project_name and member email by real names in the membership title. If you wait a bit we will make the joining procedure easier and automated. The above is for the impatient 🙂

Please also appreciate the CREDO @ International Cosmic Day poster below 🙂