Oficial world premiere is here [17.05.2018]

 CREDO Detector is launched now!
Use your smartphone as a detector of cosmic-ray particles

The app has been substantailly upgraded and has now been launched officially & goes global.

Hence, the very succesful beta phase has been finished. Many thanks for your valuable help. Now it’s time for: 
★ more exciting science
★ more fun
★ …and more positive competition

Re-install CREDO Detector Smartphone App & enjoy team hunting for the deeply hidden treasures of the Universe!

We invite you to continue the journey with CREDO. If you are about to do so, please:

① Get the premiere CREDO Detector version on Google Play and REINSTALL
② Visit the CREDO website to get familiar with the enriched app usage
③ Join and follow the first CREDO online experiment: Quantum Gravity Previewer
④ Follow us here on Facebook profile, enjoy contributing, attend the events!

Thank you very much for being part of the Cosmic-Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory (CREDO) to hunt with our CREDO Detector app!


Piotr Homola
the CREDO leader