Photon 2017: CREDO at CERN [25 May 2017]

25 May 2017, CERN, Geneve.

The CREDO project has been presented at the International Conference on the Structure and the Interactions of the Photon (Photon 2017) which takes place in these days (22-26 May) at CERN, Geneva. The talk titled “Search for Extensive Photon Cascades with the Cosmic-Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory” was given by the CREDO spokesperson, Piotr Homola, and can be accessed here.

The “Photon 2017” conference is dedicated mostly to accelerator studies that can shed light on the structure of the photon. However, there is also an astrophysical perspective of the photon-oriented research. The flux of cosmic rays that comes to us from the depth of the Universe might contain photons of energies exceeding by orders of magnitude those available in accelerators. If we observe these extremely energetic photons or any manifestation of their interactions, it would give a unique chance for testing models based on the accelerator data. The global approach to the cosmic-ray data pursued by CREDO optimizes the chance for such observations.