The CREDO project working in collaboration with partners across the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Solvakia have been awarded a grant by the Visegrad Fund under grant number 21920298 to undertake an ambitious science and educational program over the next year.The hunt for cosmic ray particles, and especially particle cascades requires international cooperation by definition. Dense concentration of detectors, provided by the participation of ‘citizen scientists’, is needed to identify patterns in the measured data. It is especially important in the V4 region due to lack of extended ground-based cosmic ray detectors in this region, despite active interest and involvement of local researchers in the topic. 

We list the main specific objectives and aims of the current project as follows: 

1. Development and strengthening the collaboration with high schools and possibly elementary schools by developing and offering to school teachers the high quality teaching materials involving CREDO and developing long-term collaboration programs. 
2. Organization of visits in schools, inviting teachers and students to participate in educational events specifically organized for this purpose. This will enable us to engage increased numbers of young people with interests in science. 
3. Integration of the CREDO data resources with the Linked Open Data network, which is the current standard for open data publishing and which should help to increase the outreach. This will provide wider availability and visibility of CREDO data gathered from the cosmic ray measurement and stored on CREDO servers. 
4. Further improvement of public engagement not only in cosmic ray measurement activities but also in data analysis tasks by exploring the integration of CREDO infrastructure with popular existing citizen science platform such as BOINC and SciStarter. 
5. During the project we plan to explore the possibility to employ cryptocurrency technology to be able to generate digital tokens from CREDO actions which will be awarded as a reward for the action. 
6. Finally, we will also be actively seeking potential industrial partners and we will look into ways how to generate business opportunities for potential partners within the CREDO ecosystem.

The CREDO partners for this project are:

Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic




The Henryk Niewodniczański Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland



Czech Technical University in Prague, Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics, Czech Republic



Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungary



Cracow University of Technology, Poland



Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Mathematics Physics and Informatics, Slovakia
This CREDO project is generously financed by Visegrad Fund under grant number 21920298. This, in some sense is the continuation of the grant number 21720040, previously financed by Visegrad Fund.